1958 Pressed bumper LHD original Devon camper project (for sale)

£3950 that's 4569€ for a super rare cool project that's not to much if you ask me, and because it's in engeland no shipping costs just a trailler for after your car and off you go.............

It is an August 58 Mango bus with an original pre 61 curved cabinet devon interior - the LHD ones were built to order usually for US servicemen. It needs restoring but has lovely original paint that buffs up awesome and is pretty complete. It needs sills, lower front panel repairs, front floor, rear floor sections could be repaired, Wheelwells are only small cuts and could be repaired without buying the panels (I could do this if required and blend the paint) Roof, gutters, window apertures, etc all solid, battery trays and corners rust free!



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