irs conversion for the"surfbus"

Collected a complet t2a rear suspension today, thase are verry hard to find. Because with the prices of t2a busses today you can't imagine who would brake down a t2a. But i managed to score one and now i have almost everything for the irs conversion.



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Mike, we should have talked at Budel but my mind wandered. Something to do with my birthday and Linda constantly wishing me a happy birthday ??
Are you planning to put a big engine in your bus and continue to tow you folding caravan ?
You will struggle if you dont go for some big Horsepower. I regret irs'ing our bus very much !!!
The small difference you may gain in flat road speed will be lost on hills and cooling could become an issue too. The plan to use the Creative method is very destructive too !! Its your bus so do what you want but think long and hard before you do it

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