Volksworld about the ovals.......

These days it seems you're nobody if you haven't got a Split, but not that long ago it was Ovals everyone lusted after. Now, if the gang here at VolksWorld HQ are to be believed, it's so-called early big windows that are the hot ticket, but then they're just saying that because they haven't got Ovals or Splits, like real men. Ever since seeing Samantha Oldbury's lowered, green and cream Oval at one of the German Car Company open days in Hadleigh all those years ago I've been an Oval man - there's just something about their simplicity and the inherent flow of the body lines that works. To my mind, the Beetle's design peaked here and went downhill ever after. And I'm not alone in thinking that. Elvis would have had an Oval if he hadn't bought a Beach Buggy and it's a little known fact that James Dean was on his way to buy an Oval when he stacked his 550 Spyder.



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