New Project "Cancelled"

Dammed looks like the seller bet on 2 horses, sold it to me. to mail me this evening he sold it to another. I hate those fucking incorrect sellers......... The search goes one then


Yes we bought ourself a new vw project yesterday, Wednesday Hugo,Bjorn and me are gonna collect it. It's a 700km trip but it will be worth it........ What could be on the trailer wednesday?


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uhm uhm
verry Nice find that Old Barndoor bus in Germany Mike !!

Gepost door: Bjorn & Stefanie | 27-03-10

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You bought a split too? :)
700km, where's it from?

Gepost door: Leon | 27-03-10

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Het was in emmen en gekocht via marktplaats, afspraak was om hem woensdag op te halen grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Gepost door: air-mike | 27-03-10

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But...what was it?? :)

Gepost door: Leon | 28-03-10

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What was it?????????? Not as old as your new toy leon, But the search goes one.

Gepost door: air-mike | 29-03-10

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