some tlc. for the "55

Took here out of storage yesterday for some TLC. I changed the contactpoints, some brake adjusting a fully anti rust treatment with terrosol, thats something like anchorwax to protect all the hidden places and the underbody from rusting. Then it was time for a 3 step meguiars wax.  And finally a good cruise that made it all worthwile.

3131-9-2010 14_10_311-9-2010 14_10_310000.JPG


4931-9-2010 14_38_491-9-2010 14_38_490000.JPG




4131-9-2010 14_38_411-9-2010 14_38_410000.JPG1831-9-2010 10_35_181-9-2010 10_35_180000.JPG


4831-9-2010 16_48_481-9-2010 16_48_480000.JPG

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