What happened to that smile
When I'd see you in the hall?
What happened to you being there
To always catch my fall?
When I'd say always and forever
You'd respond with "Dats right"
What happened to that?
I want it back in my life
What happened to the hugs
That kept me from falling apart
You're no longer there
And it's tearing up my heart
Your pictures all around my room
The blanket on my bed
Tons of notes inside a box
Thoughts of you race through my head
You're presence always with me
Your voice rings through my ears
memories of you are shed
In the form of blood and tears
I wonder how you lose a friend
But deep inside I know
One is left there holding on
And the other one let's go

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What's up with that Mike? :S

Gepost door: Leon | 22-09-10

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